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The association

This association, named French Association of Crigler-Najjar, ( AFCN), declared in Sub-prefecture under Number : 14111627 , works to :

Raise awareness of this extremely rare genetic disease.

Bring moral , material and financial help to the patients affected by this disease, as well as to their families.

Break their isolation, allow their meeting, and establish a network of exchanges between patients, families, doctors, researchers and other associations, both in France and with the foreign countries, in order to progress in the knowledge and the treatment of this disease and, eventually finance any research dealing with the improvement of the life of the patients or their cure.

L’AFCN is member of , and and referenced on

The AFCN is governed by the law 1901 and as such non-profit.

All the members work in a voluntary way.

We look for every person, company, sponsor, capable of helping us materially and financially.

If you or your company wish to donate or to help us, contact us

One of our wishes is also to motivate researchers or students so that they are interested in this disease.

We would like to find people eager to find new medicines or new techniques (improvement of phototherapy, the use of leds or fiber optics, cell therapy, gene therapy ...)

(You may have technical or medical skills which would allow to improve the quality of life of the patients despite curing them).

You can send us an e-mail for any idea.

We are looking for persons touched by this disease CN 1 or CN 2, CN families having or having had a transplanted child or a child who developped brain damage or who is regrettably dead.

If you are in that case or know somebody in that case, contact us.

Contact us.

We need your donations and your help to fulfill the purposes fixed by the association.

Reminder : 66 % of the sums paid to an association of general interest, are deductible from taxes in the limits mentioned in the finance law.(For France only)

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